Edassery group is primarily an agriculturist family belonging to Kanjoor, where St. Sebastine answers directly from heaven. Kanjoor is a small village where the Periyar River flows silently. Raja Sakthan Thampuran, who ruled Kochi, has his birth place at Kanjoor. In olden times, Kanjoor used to be a main centre of the princely state of Kochi.


Our father was late Sri E.M. Joseph. We are four brothers namely Dr. E.J Mani, E.J. Jose, E.J. Varkeychan and E.J Davis.

The Edassery group is collaborating with

      • Hotels & Resorts

      • Rice business

      • Tea business

Welcome to the affluent legacy of Edassery Hospitality services. Our services have been endorsed for the travellers from different parts of the globe.